A mistake repeated more than once is a decision. Paulo Coelho (via purplebuddhaquotes)

ubeink: Warwick Goble.

alifeoffairytales: English Fairy Tales (1922) illustrated by Arthur Rackham, via archive.org

michaelmoonsbookshop: A bound volume of original botanic illustrations including flowers plants and funghi 83 pencil sketches highlighted with water colour – bound c1823  Unknown artist

michaelmoonsbookshop: michaelmoonsbookshop: 18th century marbled endpapers  [Sold]

michaelmoonsbookshop: michaelmoonsbookshop: The Fairy Land of Science Arabella B Buckley; London Edward Stanford 1892 twenty-seventh thousand [Sold] One of my favorite authors for vintage children’s nonfiction – read more about Arabella Buckley

Diamond Mountains, the Olympics, and Korean Art

“Diamond Mountains: Travel and Nostalgia in Korean Art,” a melancholy beauty of a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, reveals the indelible influence of this mountain range on Korean painting from the 18th century to today.