Your favorite animal is a medieval elephant?

Here is one recent post I have enjoyed from  arthistorianmindswirls:

There’s something about late-medieval drawings of elephants that I find absolutely adorable. Most of the makers had never seen one in real life and based their illustration on something a daughter of an uncle’s friend three times removed had seen once and written down. I will elaborate with pictures, so you too can see the wonders of the medieval elephant. And find out that they are very effective against dragons.


Elephant fighting a dragon


Elephant mother & child swimming. Love the trumpet-trunks in this one.


A cute mother protecting her child against a snake-like dragon (with wings and a dog’s head, of course).


I believe this large-eyed one is also fighting a dragon in the original manuscript.


This one looks actually like an elephant, were it not for the castle filled with warriors strapped to its back. Maybe they’re looking for dragons to fight.


I don’t even know what the last one is.

All pictures are from The Medieval Bestiary, where you can find more information (the sources, for example, which is very nice if you want to know more about the manuscripts these come from) and can look into more interesting medieval creatures.

I hope this explains why the medieval elephant is my favourite animal. I also love cats. For elaboration on that one, go to youtube and lose 5 hours of your life looking at stupid cat compilations. At least, that’s what I do from time to time.

Find more at arthistorianmindswirls:

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