PTSD and Medical Trauma — Mast Attack

Note from Sunnyside: The following is a post from Lisa Klimas, whose blog, Mast Attack, is both a valued resource for other patients and an eloquent record of one patient’s personal daily battle against disease, including the long term trauma which results. She writes truth.

In Ruthless, Klimas writes:

There is a ruthless truth to chronic illness, one that has taken me years to come to terms with. It is this: that fighting against my illness and the life it gave me is not a successful way to improve it. I cannot overcome this disease. I can only cooperate with it. I have to learn to live with it, have a relationship with it, greet it every morning and say goodnight when I close my eyes at night. It is a part of me that cannot be cut out or ignored. And to have a life with it, a good one, I have to want that life. I can’t fight for a life I don’t want. My insistence upon having a good life with this disease is not a choice. It is a survival mechanism. It an instinct.

In PTSD and Medical Trauma, she tells more of her story:

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in 2009, I had an emergency appointment with my neurotologist. “You have borderline profound hearing loss in your left ear and moderate to severe hearing loss in your right ear,” she said, showing me the audiogram. I knew it was bad. I could barely hear anymore. “We can try transtympanic […]

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