Edouard Manet: The Balcony (1868-1869)

When Manet painted this piece, scenes of bourgeois life were in vogue, yet The Balcony went against the conventions of the day. The painting tells no story or anecdote; the protagonists are frozen, as if isolated in an interior dream, evidence that Manet was freeing himself from academic constraints, despite the obvious reference to Majas on the Balcony by Francisco Goya,

Henri Lebasque: Marthe et Pierre Lebasque dans un intérieur, (1913-14)

Painter of ‘Joy and Light’ Painted in 1913-1914, Marthe et Pierre Lebasque dans un intérieur by Henri Lebasque continues his theme of painting interiors, often including his own family members. This painting depicts Lebasque’s children Marthe and Pierre. As Lisa Banner observes, ‘Intimism, a term which best describes Lebasque’s painting, refers to the close domestic subject…