Maurice Prendergast: Along the Seine (1894)

  Click for Enlarged Image: Along the Seine  by Maurice Prendergast (1892-1894),Height: 33.02 cm (13 in.), Width: 24.13 cm (9.5 in.),  Whitney Museum of American Art – New York, NY, Painting – oil on canvas, Public domain, Image source: The Athenaeum Thanks for Visiting! 🙂 The End

James Jebusa Shannon: Jungle Tales (Contes de la Jungle) 1895

Reading Kipling’s Jungle Book? Shannon studied in London during the 1880s and remained there, enjoying success as a society portraitist and figure painter. (In 1922 he renounced his United States citizenship in order to accept a knighthood.) “Jungle Tales” portrays the artist’s wife reading to their daughter, Kitty, shown in profile, and another child. The…