Clement Massier: Art Nouveau Enameled Ceramic Plate (c. 1900)

ENAMELED CERAMIC PLATE REPRESENTING MONT FUJI, CIRCA 1900 CLEMENT MASSIER (1844-1917), Height: 42 cm. (16 ½ in.); Length: 30.5 cm. (11 ¾ in.)Origin: House of Art Nouveau Samuel Bing, Paris., Source: Christie’s Bing Who? Samuel Siegfried Bing (1838 – 1905), who usually gave his name as S. Bing (not to be confused with his brother,…

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Mountain Landscape from Clavadel (1925–26)

Switzerland: Kirchner’s Later Years William Cook in The Spectator comments, “Here in rural Graubünden, he couldn’t help but lead a healthier life. This dramatic change of scene was reflected in his art. His emotive use of colour was as revolutionary as ever, but painting landscapes instead of cityscapes meant that the effect was entirely different….