‘La Danse a Bougival’ by Tanya Shukla

Tanya Shukla is a writer, teacher, mother, and world traveler who shares her original poetry, fiction, and non-fiction at The Learning Prophet. Tanya also shares my appreciation for the paintings of Mr.Renoir, for whom she wrote this poem, La Danse a Bougival.  Join me at The Learning Prophet.  🙂

‘La Danse a Bougival’

by Tanya Shukla


Delicately swaying in the arms of few besotted men

etched forever so gloriously in splendid La Danse a Bougival

of  Peintre Auguste Pierre Renoir wondering how and when

stamping toe to toe, beating chest to chest raising toasts, few umps

Embraced taut in the grip of one armored sturdy French man

Chiseled out of the luxurious wines of the valleys of Normandy 

Slender waisted damsel gliding, drifting on high heels of fancies

Though shy,…..


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Image Credit:

Dance at Bougival (1883), Pierre-Auguste Renoir , (French, 1841–1919), Oil paint on canvas, 181.9 by 98.1 centimetres (71.6 in × 38.6 in), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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  1. One of my Renoir’s favorites.

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    1. Mine also, Rosaliene! Thanks for visiting. ❤️😎

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  2. Renoir is one of my favorites. i love this picture.

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