Annie Louisa Swynnerton: The Sense of Sight via The Eclectic Light Company

Reblogged from The Eclectic Light Company‘s series on The Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood. This painting is one of my favorites from Annie Louisa Swynnerton.

Annie Louisa Swynnerton (1844-1933), The Sense of Sight (1895), oil on canvas, 87.3 x 101 cm, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, England. Wikimedia Commons.

For me, Swynnerton’s masterpiece, and one of the finest paintings of this difficult subject, is The Sense of Sight from 1895. This is now in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, which had purchased Sophie Gengembre Anderson’s Elaine of Astolat in 1870. Swynnerton’s is a fascinating work, painted at a time when those influenced by Aestheticism were referring to other sensory modalities including music, in their images. This could be seen as a reaction to such diversions, bringing the focus of visual art back to vision, in a visually arresting manner.

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