Jun Luke Foster: Sonata in A Minor, K. 310 (Mozart)

Grigori Azizyan (Armenian, 1923-2008), Spring in the mountains, signed in Armenian and dated ’78’ (lower left), further inscribed, dated and titled (verso), oil on canvas, 72 x 98cm (28 3/8 x 38 9/16in), Image Source:Bonhams

“Written shortly after Mozart’s mother passed away. One of his darker and most explicit works for piano. If only we all could all mourn in the language of such grace…Recorded May 2022.”

Jun Luke Foster

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  1. Beautiful music and art — this is a lovely combination. I especially appreciate the sonata, which reminds me of when my daughters still lived at home and would play such pieces. ❤

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    1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memory.🙂❤️

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  2. Lively painting.  Golly!  He made th

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      1. Don’t know why only part of my replies come out over email! I really liked it!

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      2. I am have all kinds of wordpress glitches lately. Have a lovely Mother’s Day, Mitzy. 🙂🌺

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  3. One of my favorite pieces! ❤ LOVE!

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  4. Tangie says:

    Beautiful music, my favorite kind. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I am happy you enjoy this, Tangie. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. 🙂🌺

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