Week 29: Tulip, by Sunnyside

This is another beginner tutorial at Anna Mason’s membership site. I will definitely try this one again after lots of practice on how to do those fine directional marks. She makes it look easy…but, of course, it is not! Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Maria Sibylla Merian and Natural History

Who Is Maria Sibylla Merian? Artist, scientist, businesswoman, mother, and rule breaker extraordinaire – there is no doubt that Maria Sibylla Merian’s life story is filled with astonishing accomplishments. This German-born artist, botanist, naturalist, entomologist, and scientific illustrator lived during the 1700s in the Netherlands, where adherence to the guild system in Europe prevented women…

Jan van Kessel: Butterflies, Moths and More… (1654)

Cabinet of Curiosities in Paint Often produced as pendants, Jan van Kessel’s detailed depictions of insects, flowers and plants were sought after by collectors. They should be seen in the context of cabinets of curiosities. Van Kessel belonged to a famous dynasty of painters and is indebted in style and technique to his grandfather, Jan Brueghel…

Be Near Nature And Change Your Life

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~ Have you ever felt peace, rejuvenation, calmness when you find yourself next to Nature? ✨🌳☀️🌿✨ How about taking in the view of breathtaking greenery behind your window? The refreshing and relaxing effect of Green color making a positive effect on our brains. There is a multitude of scientific…

The Tree of Life: 17th century

  “This association with the Tree of Life in Revelations is reinforced by the curling grape vine wrapped around the trunk of the tree, which is symbolic of the Passion of Christ and the promise of eternal life.” TheMet     This unique image of a miraculous tree bearing multiple species of fruits and vegetables…

Lessons from Nature with Wassily, William, and Luda

William Wordsworth’s poem, The Tables Turned, Wassily Kandinsky’s painting Park von St. Cloud -Herbst, and a lovely post by Luda at Plants and Beyond remind us why we need to unplug, venture out, and notice the gifts of nature. The Tables Turned by William Wordsworth Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books; Or surely…

LEAF CRAFT – Plants and Beyond

  Originally posted on Moda-Creative thinking: These leaves look amazing. What a work of art. Happy Friday, dear friends. Luda@PlantsandBeyond🌿 All photographs belong to Moda Creative Thinking Blog. ©PlantsandBeyond.com 🌱 Moda-Creative thinking View original post via LEAF CRAFT — Plants and Beyond   Visit their sites to see many more leaf paintings. ~ At Sunnyside 🙂

David Kitler and Messages Mothers Give Children

  “God is an amazing designer. The closer you look, the more there is to see…“ quote from David Kitler I have a large collection of vintage nature prints on my computer and a smaller collection of originals on my walls — most are by artists long passed away, but remembered for their amazing work….

How to Draw Birds: Draw Realistic Animals

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Nuthatch I by David Kitler Wherever you live, you likely don?t live alone. Not when you consider the birds in your backyard or the pigeons on the sidewalk or seagulls cawing at you if you live along the coast. Birds are a constant companion for many of us…