So Who Mothers the Mothers? by Joanna Penn Cooper

Joanna Penn Cooper, writing in Image Journal, paints a poignant picture of the community of women :

“I think about the private nature of women’s stories of their own suffering, how they are shared at kitchen tables and in late-night phone calls,

Be Near Nature And Change Your Life

Originally posted on Plants and Beyond:
~ Have you ever felt peace, rejuvenation, calmness when you find yourself next to Nature? ✨🌳☀️🌿✨ How about taking in the view of breathtaking greenery behind your window? The refreshing and relaxing effect of Green color making a positive effect on our brains. There is a multitude of scientific…


Wendi at Simply Chronically Ill has a way of getting to the heart of good living. Her constant care for others is an inspiration – and a perfect expression of the spirit of this season. Joy and Light to all, Sunnyside 🙂    Simply Chronically Ill   As we enjoy the beautiful lights this holiday…