Childe Hassam: Woodchopper (1902)

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Konstantin Gorbatov: Golden Autumn (1924)

“Painted in 1924, two years after Gorbatov emigrated, Golden autumn is an evocative depiction of rural Russia, with its overwhelming natural beauty and tranquillity. At the height of his success abroad and participating regularly in international art exhibitions, including those at the Hague in 1924 and in Pittsburgh in 1925, Gorbatov achieved both popularity and…

Konstantin Gorbatov: Autumn on the Islands (1919)

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Isaac Levitan: Golden Autumn, Slobodka (1889)

From the collection of The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg The motif of Russian autumn is often encountered throughout the career of Isaac Levitan, a master of the lyrical landscape. The traditional gathering of autumn leaves, the special transparency of the air and the feeling of sorrow at the passage of summer found a lively…

Autumn in Paintings

“This monumental view of the Hudson River Valley was painted from memory in the artist’s London studio. Cropsey adopted a high vantage point, looking southeast toward the distant Hudson River and the flank of Storm King Mountain. A small stream leads from the foreground, where three hunters and their dogs gaze into the sunlight. All…

Autumn: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Leo Putz

Autumn Song By Dante Gabriel Rossetti Know’st thou not at the fall of the leaf How the heart feels a languid grief Laid on it for a covering, And how sleep seems a goodly thing In Autumn at the fall of the leaf? And how the swift beat of the brain Falters because it is…

András Schiff: Schubert, Beethoven, and Bach

Robinson, a Vermont native, painted this scene in France, perhaps at Giverny, where he was a friend of Claude Monet. The woman recalls the peasants of Barbizon art but confronts us as they do not. Women who appear to blend with a natural setting are seen often in American Impressionism. Florence Griswald Museum Franz Schubert:…

Claude Monet, Arm of the Jeufosse Autumn (1884)

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Isaac Levitan: Golden Autumn (1895)

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Georgia O’Keeffe: Autumn Leaves, Lake George (1924)

O’Keeffe collected organic souvenirs, from stones and shells to feathers and bones, and at Lake George she delighted in gathering leaves that appealed to her for the striking diversity of their shape and coloring… Autumn Leaves, Lake George, presents a bed of overlapping oak leaves whose forms are isolated and details magnified, drawing attention to…

Bocelli and Bartoli: Pianissimo

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