Jules Bastien-Lepage: Joan of Arc (1879)

“As one of the Lorraine natives inspired by the sudden relevance of Joan of Arc’s image, Jules Bastien-Lepage in 1875 started sketches for this life-sized portrait of Joan of Arc showing her at the moment that she received her first call to arms against the English invaders of 1424. Bastien-Lepage captures the suddenness of the…

Gari Melchers: The Sisters

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Jules Bastien-Lepage: Weary (1881)

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Gari Melchers: Sainte Gudule (c1897)

“Gari Melchers painted the present work as a representation of Saint Gudule, the patron saint of Brussels who was known for her piety and great generosity. According to legend, during Gudule’s early morning visits to the church in Moorsel, the devil would extinguish her candle, which proceeded to miraculously re-ignite as a result of her…

Léon Augustin Lhermitte: La vendange à Mont-Saint-Père (1876)

“La vendange à Mont-Saint-Père effectively combines all of the hallmarks of Lhermitte’s most sought-after works: peasants at work in an expansive landscape with multiple figures at various stages of the labor involved in bringing in a harvest of grapes. The composition is complex, with the placement of the figures carefully arranged in order to lead…