Henri Martin: Amoureux au printemps

“In 1900, Martin acquired property in Labastide-du-Vert, a small village in France’s Midi-Pyrenées region. On the thirty acres of land stood a large seventeenth-century manor named Marquayrol, a place Martin would enjoy as a summer residence and the setting for many of his greatest pictures. The artist wrote of this period as a turning point in…

Pierre Bonnard: Nature morte (1939)

“A scintillating vision of the domestic everyday, Nature morte from 1939 embodies the expressive possibilities of light and color. A superlative example of Pierre Bonnard’s late still lifes, the present work dates to the year in which the artist permanently relocated to the Côte d’Azur as a consequence of the Second World War and subsequently…

Pierre Bonnard: Dining Room in the Country (1913)

“In 1912, Pierre Bonnard bought a country house called Ma Roulotte (“My Caravan”) at Vernonnet, a small town on the Seine. This painting shows the dining room there, with cats perching on the chairs and Marthe de Méligny, the artist’s wife, leaning on the windowsill. Bonnard, who considered himself “the last of the Impressionists,” emphasized…

Pierre Bonnard: Iris et lilas (1920)

Read More Les Nabis on Wikiwand Pierre Bonnard on Wikiwand Japonisme on Wikiwand The Nabis at The Art Story Pierre Bonnard at The Art Story Bonnard, Pierre, Colta Feller Ives, Helen Emery Giambruni, and Sasha M. Newman. 1989. Pierre Bonnard, the graphic art. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art. http://libmma.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/ref/collection/p15324coll10/id/92079 , (accessed 8 Nov 2018). See…

Pierre Bonnard: Palmier rose au Cannet (1924)

“…Watkins has described the process by which Bonnard mediated and transposed these observations of the landscape back in his studio: “Paintings begun in the memory of a visual experience encapsulated in a drawing were transformed through color into a rich, immensely varied surface made up of a tapestry of brushstrokes, glazes, scumbles, impasto, and highlights…

World Piano Day 2023

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Pierre Bonnard: Flowers in a Stoneware Pot (c1939)

“This rustic, variegated bouquet may have been placed either in the spacious dining room on the ground floor at Le Bosquet or in the intimate sitting area upstairs where Bonnard and Marthe took their breakfast and lunch each day. As always, however, Bonnard would have painted the composition in his studio, overt description giving way…

Pierre Bonnard: Renoncules au vase bleu (c1925)

“For Bonnard, the still-life offered a perfect vehicle for his studies in light and color, with bundles of flowers and fruit among his favorite subjects to explore. In the present bouquet, a bright summer arrangement dominated by a group of orange ranunculuses, the flowers have begun to droop, their full, heavy blossoms dipping downwards, over…

Henri Le Sidaner: La Communiante (1893)

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A Visit to Bonnard’s Garden

“At the turn of the century, Bonnard rediscovered nature and colour, after the muted tones and the urban scenes of his Nabi years. He stayed more and more often outside Paris, in the Seine Valley and in the South of France. Impressionism inspired him, but he wanted to go beyond its direct translation of nature….

Henri Lebasque: Vase de fleurs

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Konstantin Gorbatov: A Winter’s Day (1934)

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Henri Lebasque: Madame Lebasque et sa fille Marthe (1898-99)

Madame Lebasque et sa fille Marthe depicts the artist’s wife and daughter while showcasing his interest in portraying his loved ones in their day-to-day routines. The work demonstrates all of Lebasque’s best qualities including his masterful treatment of light, use of a limited yet vibrant color palette and a composition that directs the viewer’s gaze…

Pierre Bonnard: Deux corbeilles de fruits (1935)

“Bonnard’s vividly-colored and masterfully-composed domestic scenes and still lifes, like Deux corbeilles de fruits, circa 1935, would become hallmarks of the artist’s later oeuvre. The present work reveals Bonnard’s ability to synthesize an array of artistic influences, both contemporary and historic. Here, Bonnard appropriates the dynamic diagonal compositional order, tilting perspective, and imaginative use of…

Gustave Loiseau: La cathédrale de Rouen (1927)

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Van Gogh and the Postman

“I’m now working on the portrait of a postman with his dark blue uniform with yellow. A head something like that of Socrates, almost no nose, a high forehead, bald pate, small grey eyes, high coloured full cheeks, a big beard, pepper and salt, big ears.” Vincent van Gogh READ FULL ESSAY: Christie’s “While Roulin…

Van Gogh and Japan: Part 3

Japan in Arles “In early 1888, Van Gogh moved to Arles in the south of France, where he hoped to establish an art colony. Believing that painting could be reinvented through the genre of portraiture, he encouraged his fellow artists to paint themselves, and then to exchange the canvases. After receiving self-portraits from Emile Bernard…

Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Cantata BWV 62

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Vincent van Gogh: L’homme est en mer (1889)

“Painted at Saint-Rémy in October 1889, Van Gogh’s haunting depiction of a young mother, pining for her husband away at sea, is a brilliant example of the artist’s transformative vision of a time-honoured subject… L’Homme est en mer is Van Gogh’s own interpretation of a work of the same title by his contemporary, the French…

Debussy’s Clair de Lune I

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Konstantin Gorbatov: Golden Autumn (1924)

“Painted in 1924, two years after Gorbatov emigrated, Golden autumn is an evocative depiction of rural Russia, with its overwhelming natural beauty and tranquillity. At the height of his success abroad and participating regularly in international art exhibitions, including those at the Hague in 1924 and in Pittsburgh in 1925, Gorbatov achieved both popularity and…

Konstantin Gorbatov: Autumn on the Islands (1919)

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Pierre Bonnard: The Croquet Game (1892)

The Game of Croquet is one of the first works by Pierre Bonnard, one of the founders of the Nabi group in 1888. It was exhibited in 1892 at the Salon des Indépendants under the title Twilight. The painting shows the garden of the family home, at Le Grand-Lemps, in Isère…The subject of the painting…

Henri Lebasque: Marthe et Pierre Lebasque dans un intérieur, (1913-14)

Painter of ‘Joy and Light’ Painted in 1913-1914, Marthe et Pierre Lebasque dans un intérieur by Henri Lebasque continues his theme of painting interiors, often including his own family members. This painting depicts Lebasque’s children Marthe and Pierre. As Lisa Banner observes, ‘Intimism, a term which best describes Lebasque’s painting, refers to the close domestic subject…

Vincent van Gogh: Laboureur dans un champ, St Remy (1889)

Click For Enlarged Detail Slideshow best viewed At Sunnyside Details Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) Laboureur dans un champ oil on canvas 19 7/8 x 25 ½ in. (50.3 x 64.9 cm.) Painted in Saint Rémy, early September 1889 image source: Christies Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside