Maurice Brazil Prendergast: Along the Seine (1894)

Click for Enlarged Image Slideshow best viewed At Sunnyside Along the Seine  by Maurice Prendergast (1892-1894),Height: 33.02 cm (13 in.), Width: 24.13 cm (9.5 in.),  Whitney Museum of American Art – New York, NY, Painting – oil on canvas, Public domain, Image source: The Athenaeum       Thanks for Visiting! 🙂 The End

Vincent van Gogh: Pietà (after Delacroix) 1889

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, September 1889 In the Autumn of 1889, Vincent remains ill. Consoling himself by copying works from some of his favorite artists, Vincent works in a small studio in the asylum of Saint Paul of Mausole in Saint Remy de Provence as he recovers from a prolonged episode of mental illness. To Theo, his brother,…

André Brasilier: Sous-bois d’automne

Why Horses? Brasilier says…. “Horses are a superb creation. They’re charged with symbolism, strength, dynamism, beauty. They’re a source of inspiration.” “Horses are always found in a beautiful environment, at the heart of nature, they’re indistinguishable from nature. What I’m interested in is the quest for beauty.” “Whenever I see a horse I’m inspired. The…

Umberto Boccioni: Three Women (1909–10)

Who Is Umberto Boccioni? Umberto Boccioni was an influential Italian painter and sculptor who helped shape the revolutionary aesthetic of the Futurism movement despite his death at the age of thirty-three during WW1. The three women in this portrait are Boccioni’s mother, sister, and long time lover. Read More Umberto Boccioni at wikiwand See More…

Alleluia: Restless Heart

by Renee Yann, RSM, at Lavish Mercy Prose: from Augustine’s autobiography about his mother Monica: And now you stretched forth your hand from aboveand drew up my soul out of that profound darknessbecause my mother, your faithful one,wept to you on my behalf more than mothersare accustomed to weepfor the bodily deaths of their children….

Hauser: La Califfa

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