Monet’s Grainstacks II

“Monet’s paintings from this series bear the French title Meules, a word that can be translated as “stacks.” For a long time the title was misinterpreted as Haystacks; however, the objects in Monet’s paintings are actually sheaves of grain. In the agriculture of nineteenth-century Normandy, conical stacks of unthreshed grain were covered with straw or…

George Balanchine’s Waltz of the Snowflakes

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Claude Monet: Poires et raisin (1880)

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Dame Laura Knight: Sunday afternoon in Hyde Park

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Dame Laura Knight: ‘I Paint Today’

“At the Edge of the Cliff is one of the strongest works in this clifftop series. The young woman in her striking striped blue and white skirt and white jumper has a timeless quality to her, her outfit feeling as modern to a contemporary audience as it did over 100 years ago. She stands on the…

Alfred Sisley: Matinée d’octobre près de Port-Marly (c1876)

“Painted following the First Impressionist Exhibition in April 1874—which had opened the eyes of the public to the revolutionary Impressionist aesthetic—and around the time of its second iteration which helped cement the validity of its new, modern terminology, Matinée d’octobre près de Port-Marly pays fitting homage to the movement’s pursuit of painting en plein air. Determined to capture…

Camille Pissarro: Harvest at Éragny (1901)

“In 1884 Pissarro and his family moved from Pontoise to Éragny on the River Epte. This would be his principal place of residence until his death in 1903 and an ideal setting for his paintings of rural labour and the harvest. His careful arrangement of figures into repeated poses creates a balanced rhythm of line…

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Claude Monet: The Path Through the Irises (1914-17)

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Beisembayev, Liszt, and Le Sidaner

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Monet’s Grainstacks I

“In Monet’s increasingly urbanized world, such stacks had become postcard symbols of agricultural bounty as a blessing. Determined with his grainstack paintings to go beyond the brilliantly exacting transcription of visual sensations at the heart of Impressionist landscape painting, Monet explained the challenge to his art critic friend, Gustave Geffroy in October 1890: “… the…

Camille Pissarro: Vue sur le village d’Osny (1883)

“Painted in 1883, Vue sur le village d’Osny is a wonderfully accomplished work dating from Pissarro’s last ‘Pontoise Period’ before the artist left the region for Éragny in 1884…The complex perspective, showing the two parts of the village bisected by a row of poplar trees and a foreground of dense impasto, illustrates the remarkable breadth of…

Discover Manet & Eva Gonzalès

“Eva Gonzalès (1847–1883), the daughter of a prominent writer, entered Manet’s studio in 1869, at the age of 22. This exhibition is a chance to find out more about her; her relationship with Manet, a figurehead for the Impressionist generation, her own work, and what her experience as a woman artist in 19th-century Paris might…

Cassatt, Capuçon, and Saint-Saëns

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Isaac Levitan: Golden Autumn, Slobodka (1889)

From the collection of The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg The motif of Russian autumn is often encountered throughout the career of Isaac Levitan, a master of the lyrical landscape. The traditional gathering of autumn leaves, the special transparency of the air and the feeling of sorrow at the passage of summer found a lively…

Frederick Carl Frieseke: Under the Awning (1916)

“Frieseke’s celebrated Giverny subjects of women in domestic interiors, or, such as in the present example, enjoying moments of leisure in the village’s opulent gardens, are imbued with a remarkable sense of light and high-keyed palette adopted from the French Impressionists. William H. Gerdts writes, “It was Frieseke who introduced into the repertory of Giverny…

Claude Monet, Arm of the Jeufosse Autumn (1884)

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Claude Monet: Nymphéas (c1910)

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Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky: Latgalian Girls (updated)

Latgalian Girls Listening Latgalian Girls belongs to a series of paintings depicting the children of the territory of eastern Latvia which provided great inspiration for the artist following his permanent move to Riga in 1921. These sun-suffused canvases which captured the local peasant children in their native countryside were exhibited to great acclaim at the…

Eva Gonzalès, The French Impressionist

by jonathan5485 at my daily art display “One of my favourite paintings by Eva Gonzalès was her early work entitled Le Moineau (The Sparrow).  The teenage model for this painting was the artist’s sister Jeanne.  Jeanne Gonzalès appeared in over twenty of Eva’s works.  It is a portrait of great elegance. It is a depiction…

John Singer Sargent: Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose (1885-86)

The title comes from the song ‘The Wreath’, by the eighteenth-century composer of operas Joseph Mazzinghi, which was popular in the 1880s. Sargent and his circle frequently sang around the piano at Broadway. The refrain of the song asks the question ‘Have you seen my Flora pass this way?’ to which the answer is ‘Carnation,…

Edgar Degas: The Singer in Green (c.1884)

A sale catalogue in 1898 described the dancer pictured in Edgar Degas’ pastel, The Singer in Green: “Skinny and with the graceful moves of a little monkey, she has just sung her ribald verses and, with a gesture that conceals an entreaty behind her smile, is inviting applause.” With her small eyes, high cheeks, and…

Edgar Degas: The Ballet Class (1871-1874)

“Compared to the other Impressionists, Edgar Degas was more of a traditionalist. The Frenchman didn’t paint en plein air, his color palette was subdued for much of his career and his spontaneity was painstakingly rehearsed. With a fascination for human anatomy reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci, he would do countless studies for one single painting….

Dame Laura Knight: The Fairgrounds, Penzance (c.1916)

Who Was Dame Laura Knight? Dame Laura Knight (1877-1970) was an English artist in the figurative, realist tradition who embraced English Impressionism. According to “Influenced by Impressionism and the Newlyn School in Cornwall, Knight’s subject-matter is contemporary without being avant-garde. Dismissed by Modernists for her lack of interest in formal experiment, Knight’s insistent realism…

Leon de Smet: Maria with flowers (1915)

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Thomas Wilmer Dewing: Poppies and Italian Mignotte (c.1891)

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