Remembering Tamara Natalie Madden

“The birds in my paintings are symbolic of my personal struggle with illness, and a representation of my survival and freedom from it. Tamara Natalie Madden (2015) See More Tamara Natalie Madden: An Artist Remembered At Sunnyside Update 2021 Don’t miss more online works at Tamara Natalie Madden. Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Tamara Natalie Madden: An Artist Remembered

Tamara Natalie Madden (1975 –2017) was a Jamaican-born mother, mixed-media artist, and professor of art and visual culture at Spelman College in Atlanta. On November 4, 2017, she died at her home in Snellville, Georgia, only two weeks after being diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer.  She was 42.  “Out of Many, One People” Though Tamara…