Stepan Fedorovich Kolesnikov: Wolf in Winter Landscape

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Gustaf Fjaestad: Winter Landscape (1916)

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María Dueñas: Deux impromptus, Op. 4: I. Espérance (Lalo)

“Sensational Spanish violinist María Dueñas is the latest winner of the Menuhin Competition, the world’s most prestigious prize for young violinists. Born in Granada and now based in Vienna, Dueñas is one of the most thoughtful and communicative musicians on the current classical scene. Her second e-single is out now: Espérance (“Hope”), the first of…

Konstantin Gorbatov: A Winter’s Day (1934)

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Claude Monet: The Road in front of Saint-Simeon Farm in Winter (1867)

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Konstantin Gorbatov: A Winter Landscape

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Peder Mork Monsted: Winter (1914)

“This snowy scene epitomizes Mønsted’s photographically crisp winter landscapes. True to his paintings of verdant forests with streams running through them, here too his masterful observation of water and surrounding snow is central to the composition….While visiting Paris in 1883, he worked in the studio of William Bouguereau, under whose tutelage he further honed his rigorous academic…

Thomas Hardy: The Darkling Thrush

The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy I leant upon a coppice gate When Frost was spectre-grey, And Winter’s dregs made desolate The weakening eye of day. The tangled bine-stems scored the sky Like strings of broken lyres, And all mankind that haunted nigh Had sought their household fires. The land’s sharp features seemed to be…

Winter With Munch and Mari

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‘La Mantovana’ by Giuseppino del Biado

Translation Flee, flee, flee from this sky, harsh and unyielding, relentless cold. You, who shackle all in prison neither bending nor breaking to tears. You, the year’s cruel, frozen tyrant, flee, flee, flee to wherever winter has its eternal throne over the frost. Come, come white, come vermilion, you are the marvel of the world….

Emile Claus: Winter Orchard (1911)

“Go Home Quickly” Emile Claus, a Belgian painter, draughtsman, pastellist, and print-maker, became one of the leading artists in Belgium supporting the movement of “Luminism.”  Influenced by French Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism after viewing the works of Henri Le Sidaner and Claude Monet, Emile Claus changed his painting style to “brighter colors and pleinairisme.” in an…

Winter With Mednyánszky and Vivaldi

Enjoy! Vivaldi’s Concerto for violin and strings in F Minor, “Winter” (L’Inverno, RV 297), the original version is best! Cynthia Miller Freivogel, baroque violin and the award winning Early Music ensemble Voices of Music. Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Gustave Loiseau: Le Quai du Pothuis à Pontoise (1905)

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The Breath of the Forest

Ancient Skies   I sometimes forget to walk within my healing, boundaries not withstanding  often preferring the purity of winter, the breath of the forest, and hawk wings balancing on my shoulders. Scars? What scars?       Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies View original post