Edward Henry Potthast: Water Lilies (1917)

“Standing at the intersection of Impressionism and Realism, Potthast embraced the bustle of places such as Coney Island, Far Rockaway and Brighton Beach, the more populist haunts. Like the Realists, Potthast focused on energetic compositions rather than the kind of languid gentility often portrayed by the Impressionists; yet, like the Impressionists, he painted in a…

Joseph Haydn: Quartet in G Major, Op. 77, No. 1

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Jacopo da Pontormo: The Carmignano Visitation (1528)

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Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Summer 3

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Camille Thomas: Cello Sonata in G Minor, Op.65 (Chopin)

“A journey in three chapters to discover Chopin’s life through the sound of the cello. The most ambitious project of the Franco-Belgian cellist Camille Thomas. Camille Thomas plays on the Franchomme’s mythical cello – the Stradivarius Feuermann. The Chopin’s sonata for cello and piano was dedicated to his friend Auguste-Joseph Franchomme. Franchomme transcribed the Chopin’s…

Sonia Delaunay: Nature morte portugaise (1916)

“A joyful testament to Sonia Delaunay’s fruitful and happy years on the Iberian peninsula, Nature morte portugaise is a powerful expression of colour, movement and light that immerses the viewer in the raucous, sensual atmosphere of the sun-drenched Portuguese marketplace. Painted in the challenging new medium of wax, this work is a superb example of the…

Le Pho: La famille dans le jardin (c1938)

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Childe Hassam: Poppies, Isles of Shoals (1891)

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Odilon Redon: Christ et ses disciples (c1905)

“The present work draws on the theme of discipleship and the divine nature of Christ rather than a specific episode of the New Testament. Though he was not an orthodox Christian, Redon mixed in Catholic circles and was clearly attracted to the figure of Christ who features frequently at this time.” READ FULL ESSAY: Sotheby’s…

Marie Berrio: A Universe of One (2018)

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Stepan Kolesnikov: Horse and rider, Turkestan

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Lang Lang: Sonata in C, K. 545, Allegro (Mozart)

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Mikhail Nesterov: Spring (1931)

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Caroline Boissier-Butini: La Suisse, Concerto n. 6

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Yuan Sheng: Complete Partitas (Bach)

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Henri Martin: Amoureux au printemps

“In 1900, Martin acquired property in Labastide-du-Vert, a small village in France’s Midi-Pyrenées region. On the thirty acres of land stood a large seventeenth-century manor named Marquayrol, a place Martin would enjoy as a summer residence and the setting for many of his greatest pictures. The artist wrote of this period as a turning point in…

Jamal Ahmed: Bathing (2019)

“Jamal Ahmed is an artist and professor at the University of Dhaka and was awarded the Ekushey Padak in 2019, Bangladesh’s second highest civilian award in recognition for his contribution to the Fine Arts. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Dhaka in 1978 and then undertook a course at…

Le Pho: Fleurs

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Peter Paul Rubens: Portrait of a Man as Mars (c.1620)

“Painted in Antwerp around 1620 when the Flemish artist was at the height of his creative powers, Portrait of a Man as Mars blends the genres of portraiture, allegory, and mythology. Rubens depicts the armor-clad figure wearing an all’antica helmet once owned by the artist himself. Imbued with a magnetic virility, the man conveys the…

Hans Christian Aavik: O Magnum Mysterium (Lauridsen)

“Estonian violinist Hans Christian Aavik, winner of the 2022 Carl Nielsen International Competition, gives a moving and atmospheric performance of O magnum mysterium by Morten Lauridsen, who turned 80 earlier this year. The piece began life as an unaccompanied choral work, setting a medieval text that describes the “great mystery” of Christ’s humble birth in…

Mary Cassatt: Children Playing With Dog (1907)

“An exceptional example of the American Impressionist Mary Cassatt’s famed depictions of motherhood, Children Playing with a Dog presents the unconditional love and complex relationship between a mother and her two children with both psychological and stylistic finesse. While the Madonna and Child has a long historical precedent, Cassatt transformed the subject into her own signature theme….

Edgar Degas: Préparation pour la classe (1882-85)

“In Préparation pour la classe, Degas explores the rhythmic possibilities of a group of three dancers, two leaning forward slightly, feet in third position, but in mirror image of each other. A third dancer, at the left, is present in ghostly, shadowed profile, her limbs almost as transparent as the tulle of her tutu. Degas…