Pierre Mignard, picture of childhood

by L’Art en Tête “…What stands out in this portrait of a child is the slightly sad face, which looks at the viewer with a slightly melancholic air. In fact, the portrait was painted in 1681 or 1682, just after the death of Mademoiselle de Tours. It is therefore a posthumous portrait. The various details…

Claude Monet: Nymphéas (c1910)

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Isaac Levitan: Golden Autumn (1895)

Isaac Ilyich Levitan (1860 – 1900) was a classical Russian landscape painter who advanced the genre of the “mood landscape”. Click for Enlarged Detail Slideshow best viewed At Sunnyside   Read More See More Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

George Clausen: Brown Eyes (1891)

“Clausen studied in France and painted open-air ‘rural naturalist’ subjects in an impressionist style. In 1886 he helped to found the New English Art Club as an alternative exhibition venue to the Royal Academy. This is a portrait of a local girl from the village of Cookham in Berkshire, where the artist was living. The…

2Cellos: Moon River

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Georgia O’Keeffe: Autumn Leaves, Lake George (1924)

O’Keeffe collected organic souvenirs, from stones and shells to feathers and bones, and at Lake George she delighted in gathering leaves that appealed to her for the striking diversity of their shape and coloring… Autumn Leaves, Lake George, presents a bed of overlapping oak leaves whose forms are isolated and details magnified, drawing attention to…

Joan Brull: Dues nenes

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Bocelli and Bartoli: Pianissimo

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Léon-Augustin Lhermitte: Haymaking (1887)

“This enormous painting by the French artist Léon Lhermitte shows a family of peasants resting during haymaking… The old man at the front holds a scythe, a traditional symbol of approaching death. This kind of symbolism and the emphasis on the romantic, idyllic side of peasant life made works of this type extremely popular in…

Sam Robson: Long Time Traveller

Lyrics: These fleeting charms of earth Farewell, your springs of joy are dry My soul now seeks another home A brighter world on high I’m a long time travelling here below I’m a long time travelling away from home I’m a long time travelling here below To lay this body down Farewell kind friends whose…