Hauser: Deborah’s Theme (Morricone)

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Maria Berrio: The Celebration (2012)

“The Celebration lives up to its name with its kaleidoscopic array of colors and movements, which are meticulously created with handmade Japanese paper that Berrío sources from a trusted fabricator in Japan…Her work is thus an instance of care for materials, people, and cultures alike, which we can see in the optimism of The Celebration….

María Dueñas: Deux impromptus, Op. 4: I. Espérance (Lalo)

“Sensational Spanish violinist María Dueñas is the latest winner of the Menuhin Competition, the world’s most prestigious prize for young violinists. Born in Granada and now based in Vienna, Dueñas is one of the most thoughtful and communicative musicians on the current classical scene. Her second e-single is out now: Espérance (“Hope”), the first of…

Marc Chagall: The Madonna of the Village (1938-42)

“During the years of the Jewish holocaust, Chagall painted numerous religious scenes taken from the Christian tradition…In 1940, while living temporarily in the Provencal town of Gordes, to which he had fled to escape the menacing Nazi advance through Holland and Belgium towards France, he continued working on this ambitious canvas and repainted some of…

Edgar Degas: Dancers (1896)

“Degas depicted the ballet in more than 1,000 paintings, prints, pastels, and sculptures. He preferred private, offstage moments to glamorous curtain calls or artfully constructed compositions. Here, three dancers stretch together in the wings, unaware of the viewer’s presence. Powdery layers of yellow, orange, and pink pastel create a rough surface characteristic of Degas’s late…

Konstantin Gorbatov: A Winter’s Day (1934)

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Marianne Stokes: Candlemas Day (c. 1901)

“Like a number of other painters with whose work Marianne Stokes has affinities – notably Joseph Southall and the Birmingham school – the artist abandoned oils towards the turn of the century in favour of tempera painting, and, ‘Candlemas Day’ is a good example of her work in this medium. According to Alice Meynell, this…

Frederick Carl Frieseke: Child Knitting (1922)

“While Frederick Carl Frieseke is admired for his beautiful images of women, it is his paintings of his daughter Frances that offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s life. Child Knitting is a tender portrait of the young girl in the garden of their Normandy home. She contently sits knitting, enveloped by the lush grass….

Claude Monet: The Road in front of Saint-Simeon Farm in Winter (1867)

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Edgar Degas: Scène de ballet (1885)

“In the monotypes, the narrative sequence and the individual personalities are conveyed through the figures’ bodies, their physiques and poses. The legibility of these scenes confirms Degas’ careful observation and intimate knowledge of this world. As J.K. Huysmans, one of Degas’ champions, exclaimed about one of his dance pictures, ‘What life! What life! How all…

William Adolphe Bouguereau, Song of the Angels (1881)

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Konstantin Gorbatov: A Winter Landscape

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Henri Lebasque: Madame Lebasque et sa fille Marthe (1898-99)

Madame Lebasque et sa fille Marthe depicts the artist’s wife and daughter while showcasing his interest in portraying his loved ones in their day-to-day routines. The work demonstrates all of Lebasque’s best qualities including his masterful treatment of light, use of a limited yet vibrant color palette and a composition that directs the viewer’s gaze…

Diego Rivera: The Rivals (1931)

“The scene, inspired by “la fiesta de Las Velas”, depicts an annual tradition indigenous to the Isthmus region of Oaxaca for which women wear embroidered huipiles or blouses, attractive gold jewelry and their hair pulled into moños (buns) and, enaguas or skirts in bright colors. The feast has indigenous roots, and is celebrated during the…

Chu Teh-chun: Plurality (2003)

“…Nature is absorbed into the artist’s thought and then undergoes refinement, and it is the power of the artist’s imagination, his sensibility, and his inner character that are revealed on the canvas. This is where the concepts behind Chinese painting and abstract painting very neatly come together.” READ FULL ESSAY: Christie’s (quoting Chu Teh-chun) See…

Marianne Stokes: Madonna (c.1909)

“Many painters have drawn the Virgin Mary and Jesus and it was a particularly popular theme with Italian artists from the Renaissance period. However, most portraits depict the virgin looking at her child. In this picture, she looks up and introduces her young child to the viewer. Across the background are patterned thorny tendrils and…

Peder Mork Monsted: Winter (1914)

“This snowy scene epitomizes Mønsted’s photographically crisp winter landscapes. True to his paintings of verdant forests with streams running through them, here too his masterful observation of water and surrounding snow is central to the composition….While visiting Paris in 1883, he worked in the studio of William Bouguereau, under whose tutelage he further honed his rigorous academic…

Monet’s Grainstacks II

“Monet’s paintings from this series bear the French title Meules, a word that can be translated as “stacks.” For a long time the title was misinterpreted as Haystacks; however, the objects in Monet’s paintings are actually sheaves of grain. In the agriculture of nineteenth-century Normandy, conical stacks of unthreshed grain were covered with straw or…

Debussy’s Clair de Lune III

Well-versed in Rodenbach’s Symbolist ideas, Lévy-Dhurmer has similarly captured the mood of a late evening in Venice in the present work, contrasting a symphony of the blue and silver tones of moonlight playing across the water and the gondolas with the dazzling, brilliant yellow and orange tones of glowing orbs of man-made light. In some…

Stepan Kolesnikov: Russian Peasant Women

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Pierre Bonnard: Deux corbeilles de fruits (1935)

“Bonnard’s vividly-colored and masterfully-composed domestic scenes and still lifes, like Deux corbeilles de fruits, circa 1935, would become hallmarks of the artist’s later oeuvre. The present work reveals Bonnard’s ability to synthesize an array of artistic influences, both contemporary and historic. Here, Bonnard appropriates the dynamic diagonal compositional order, tilting perspective, and imaginative use of…

Gustave Loiseau: La cathédrale de Rouen (1927)

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Ford Madox Brown: Work (1865)

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Le Thi Luu: Youth

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Van Gogh and the Postman

“I’m now working on the portrait of a postman with his dark blue uniform with yellow. A head something like that of Socrates, almost no nose, a high forehead, bald pate, small grey eyes, high coloured full cheeks, a big beard, pepper and salt, big ears.” Vincent van Gogh READ FULL ESSAY: Christie’s “While Roulin…

Felix Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No. 2 in C minor, Op. 66

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