Dame Mitsuko Uchida: Mozart Sonatas

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Gari Melchers: Sainte Gudule (c1897)

“Gari Melchers painted the present work as a representation of Saint Gudule, the patron saint of Brussels who was known for her piety and great generosity. According to legend, during Gudule’s early morning visits to the church in Moorsel, the devil would extinguish her candle, which proceeded to miraculously re-ignite as a result of her…

Sir Alfred James Munnings: Jogging On (1912)

“Munnings often used his own horses and groom as models and this horse, Patrick, despite his cropped tail and banged mane, was a particular favourite. On this grey day, the artist used a subdued palette yet adds life and brightness by juxtaposing the scarlet of the huntsman’s jacket with the close vivid hues of green…

William Adolphe Bouguereau: The Young Shepherdess (1885)

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Stepan Fedorovich Kolesnikov: Wolf in Winter Landscape

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Léon Augustin Lhermitte: La vendange à Mont-Saint-Père (1876)

“La vendange à Mont-Saint-Père effectively combines all of the hallmarks of Lhermitte’s most sought-after works: peasants at work in an expansive landscape with multiple figures at various stages of the labor involved in bringing in a harvest of grapes. The composition is complex, with the placement of the figures carefully arranged in order to lead…

Gari Melchers: Sunday Mass

“In the present lot the influence of the Hague School has disappeared. Instead the fresh green, red and purple colours show impressionistic influences. The painting shows the interior of a church, possibly the Reformed Church of Egmond-Binnen. The attention given by Melchers to depicting the different figures demonstrates Melchers’ qualities as a storyteller. Not only…

A Visit to Bonnard’s Garden

“At the turn of the century, Bonnard rediscovered nature and colour, after the muted tones and the urban scenes of his Nabi years. He stayed more and more often outside Paris, in the Seine Valley and in the South of France. Impressionism inspired him, but he wanted to go beyond its direct translation of nature….

William Adolphe Bouguereau: Le lever (1865)

“Beginning in 1865, Bouguereau became interested in themes of mothers and children and he began a series of paintings devoted to this subject matter. These classically informed images were greatly influenced by Bouguereau’s travels throughout Italy in the 1850s…Le lever is the second painting executed that year by the artist and in this work, Bouguereau…

Henri Lebasque: Vase de fleurs

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Odilon Redon: Vision sous-marine (c1904)

“In 1904 Redon began a small, innovative series of oils and pastels known as the “Wonders of the Sea,” having found his inspiration for these visions in Gustave Flaubert’s La Tentation de Saint-Antoine (1874), which itself was inspired by the fantastic paintings of Pieter Brueghel the Elder…Redon had previously produced lithographs based on the story…

Gustav Klimt: Woman With a Fan (1917-18)

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Franz Marc: Birds (1914)

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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: The Immaculate Conception (1767-69)

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Marie Spartali Stillman: The Last Sight of Fiammetta

The present work is the first of Stillman’s based on Rossetti’s translations from Boccaccio, where a sonnet entitled ‘The Last Sight of Fiammetta’ describes what seems to be the death of the beloved: Round her red garland and her golden hairI saw a fire about Fiammetta’s head;Thence to a little cloud I watch’d it fade,Than…

Gustaf Fjaestad: Winter Landscape (1916)

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Marianne Stokes: Study of Hollyhocks

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Hauser: Deborah’s Theme (Morricone)

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Maria Berrio: The Celebration (2012)

“The Celebration lives up to its name with its kaleidoscopic array of colors and movements, which are meticulously created with handmade Japanese paper that Berrío sources from a trusted fabricator in Japan…Her work is thus an instance of care for materials, people, and cultures alike, which we can see in the optimism of The Celebration….

María Dueñas: Deux impromptus, Op. 4: I. Espérance (Lalo)

“Sensational Spanish violinist María Dueñas is the latest winner of the Menuhin Competition, the world’s most prestigious prize for young violinists. Born in Granada and now based in Vienna, Dueñas is one of the most thoughtful and communicative musicians on the current classical scene. Her second e-single is out now: Espérance (“Hope”), the first of…

Marc Chagall: The Madonna of the Village (1938-42)

“During the years of the Jewish holocaust, Chagall painted numerous religious scenes taken from the Christian tradition…In 1940, while living temporarily in the Provencal town of Gordes, to which he had fled to escape the menacing Nazi advance through Holland and Belgium towards France, he continued working on this ambitious canvas and repainted some of…

Edgar Degas: Dancers (1896)

“Degas depicted the ballet in more than 1,000 paintings, prints, pastels, and sculptures. He preferred private, offstage moments to glamorous curtain calls or artfully constructed compositions. Here, three dancers stretch together in the wings, unaware of the viewer’s presence. Powdery layers of yellow, orange, and pink pastel create a rough surface characteristic of Degas’s late…

Konstantin Gorbatov: A Winter’s Day (1934)

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Marianne Stokes: Candlemas Day (c. 1901)

“Like a number of other painters with whose work Marianne Stokes has affinities – notably Joseph Southall and the Birmingham school – the artist abandoned oils towards the turn of the century in favour of tempera painting, and, ‘Candlemas Day’ is a good example of her work in this medium. According to Alice Meynell, this…

Frederick Carl Frieseke: Child Knitting (1922)

“While Frederick Carl Frieseke is admired for his beautiful images of women, it is his paintings of his daughter Frances that offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s life. Child Knitting is a tender portrait of the young girl in the garden of their Normandy home. She contently sits knitting, enveloped by the lush grass….

Claude Monet: The Road in front of Saint-Simeon Farm in Winter (1867)

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Edgar Degas: Scène de ballet (1885)

“In the monotypes, the narrative sequence and the individual personalities are conveyed through the figures’ bodies, their physiques and poses. The legibility of these scenes confirms Degas’ careful observation and intimate knowledge of this world. As J.K. Huysmans, one of Degas’ champions, exclaimed about one of his dance pictures, ‘What life! What life! How all…