Ivo Pogorelich: Für Elise

“Renoir made several paintings of spectators at theaters or concerts—a subject that explores the theme of seeing and being seen. Although the artist may have begun the painting as a portrait of specific individuals, he later reworked it to present two women whose identities and relationship are unknown. The subdued lighting and clearly defined forms…

Mozart: Oboenkonzert C-Dur KV 314

This performance by François Leleux is guaranteed to improve your day. 😎 Hat Tip Thanks to Claudio Capriolo for introducing me to this performance in his post Concerto per Oboe – IV Read More Frantisek Kupka, 1871-1957 – Internet Archive František Kupka at Art Story See More František Kupka At Sunnyside Hear More Frankfurt Radio…

Telemann: Fliehet hin, ihr bösen Tage

TRANSLATION: Fly away, evil days of my life, fly away! Constant suffering has left me less than half alive. Bitters and affliction have been my drink and daily bread. My time has been spent in groans, signs and wringing my hands. Jeffrey Stivers Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Mozart: Klavierkonzert C-Dur KV 467

Hat Tip Thanks to Claudio Capriolo for introducing me to this video in his post K 467. See More Ceviga Frahm at Artsy Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Monteverdi: Beatus vir primo, SV 268

Psalm 112 in Music Psalm 112 has been included in various places in Western Christian liturgy, especially in the context of vespers, and has been popular for musical settings, which are generally known by their opening words, Beatus vir. A database of psalm settings by Italian composers of the 17th and 18th centuries lists 81…

Francesco Bonporti : Aria cromatica e variata en la mineur

Hat Tip Thanks to Claudio Capriolo for introducing me to this music in his post Aria cromatica variata. Read More Frantisek Kupka, 1871-1957 – Internet Archive František Kupka at Art Story Francesco Bonporti at wikiwand Hear More Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Piatti: Complete Cello Sonatas

A capacious library of Baroque-era works bears the name of the Italian cellist Alfredo Piatti (1822-1901) as an assiduous and pioneering editor, arranger and promoter of music for his instrument. Much less familiar are Piatti’s own original pieces. This is the first modern recording and the only available collection on record of all six sonatas…

Giuseppe Torelli: Twelve Trumpet Concertos (c.1690)

Giuseppe Torelli (22 April 1658 – 8 February 1709) was an Italian violist, violinist, teacher, and composer of the late Baroque era. Torelli is most remembered for contributing to the development of the instrumental concerto., especially concerti grossi and the solo concerto, for strings and continuo, as well as being the most prolific Baroque composer…

Eva Cassidy: Fields of Gold

One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard…. Hear More Tag: Eva Cassidy At Sunnyside Eva Cassidy at youtube Eva Cassidy music Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Francesca LaRosa: Psalm 22

My God, My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me? Psalm 22: 8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24) R. My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? All who see me scoff at me; they mock me with parted lips, they wag their heads: “He relied on the LORD; let him deliver him, let him rescue him,…

Mignarda: Where There Is Charity and Love

If video is not visible on WP Reader….please view At Sunnyside “This beautiful and familiar hymn is one of the antiphons for the washing of feet on the Mandatum (Maundy Thursday). Its text is attributed to Paulinus of Aquileia in 796. The traditional chant melody probably also stems from the late 8th century.” lutesongs According…

Léo Delibes’ Lakmé: ‘Duo de fleurs’

Hear More With Lyrics (click for English translation) Read More The Classical Girl introduced me to The Flower Duet in her post, Melting into Léo Delibes’ “Flower Duet”. READ MORE HERE. Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Perspective and Perseverance

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America Hat Tip Thanks to Sister Renee at Lavish Mercy for introducing me to Tomoka Inoue in her post Persevering Faith Image Details Walter Launt Palmer, 1854 – 1932, SUNSET,…

Louise Farrenc: Music For Violin and Piano

This new recording contains the two violin sonatas and the Variations Concertantes sur une Mélodie Suisse, of which Robert Schumann wrote: ‘So sure in outline, so logical in development … that one must fall under their charm, especially since a subtle aroma of romanticism hovers over them.’ Brilliant Classics Track List Variations concertantes sur une…

Rupert Bunny and Ola Gjeilo: Angels and Northern Lights

  Click for Enlarged Detail Slideshow best viewed At Sunnyside Details Title: Angels Descending Creator:Rupert BUNNY Date Created: c.1897 Location: Paris Physical Dimensions: w98.4 x h157.5 cm Type: Painting Rights: Morgan Thomas Bequest Fund 1904, © Art Gallery of South Australia External Link: Art Gallery of South Australia Medium:oil on canvas  Image source: Google Arts…

Schubert, Stjepan, and Stokes

Hauser performs Ave Maria by Franz Schubert with Choir Zvjezdice at his classical solo concert at the Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, October 2017. Elisabeth Fuchs is the conductor. Hear More Tag: Hauser At Sunnyside See More Tag: Marianne Stokes At Sunnyside Read More Schubert’s Ave Maria Marianne Stokes at Wikiwand Thanks for Visiting 🙂…

Winter With Munch and Mari

See More Edvard Munch at PubHist Munch Museum, Oslo Read More Edvard Munch: ‘The Sun’ (1910-11), Part 1, At Sunnyside Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Giotto: Flight Into Egypt

Read More Web Gallery of Art, Giotto’s Scenes from the Life of Christ Coventry Carol at Sister Renee’s Lavish Mercy post ‘Holy Innocents’ Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: My Lady Greensleeves

Click for Enlarged Detail Slideshow best viewed At Sunnyside Image Source: My Lady Greensleeves by Dante Gabriel Rossetti,  [Public domain], Source: Wikimedia Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside