Guy, de Chauliac. Chirurgia magna,[England], [14th-15th century].

Screenshot-2018-3-8 Here biginneth the inventorie or the collectory
Chirurgia magna, date unknown.Courtesy of The New York Academy of Medicine

New York Academy of Medicine

Chirurgia magna, Guy de Chauliac

The library at the New York Academy of Medicine holds more than half a million volumes, with 32,000 in the rare book collection. From this group, the Academy recently digitized this illuminated manuscript by surgeon Guy de Chauliac, known as the Chirurgia magna (“great surgery”). Chauliac first wrote the 181-page volume in the mid-14th century to record the medical knowledge of the time. This edition is illuminated in gold and silver, with ornate floral borders. The calfskin binding dates from either the time of Henry VII or the Elizabethan era, but experts have not been able to date it precisely.


[14th-15th century]


Early works to 1800
Illumination of books and manuscripts
Medical illustration
Medicine, Medieval
Surgical instruments and apparatus




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