Gustave Loiseau: Pont-Aven, le marché (1923)

Screenshot_2018-12-28 2015_NYR_03737_1024_000(gustave_loiseau_pont-aven_le_marche) jpg (JPEG Image, 2641 × 3200 pixels) - S[...]
Gustave Loiseau (1865-1935), Pont-Aven, le marché (1923), signed and dated ‘G Loiseau. 1923’ (lower left), oil on canvas, 28 5/8 x 23 ½ in. (72.7 x 60 cm.), Source: Christie’s

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  1. His work feels a bit disconcerting to me, like impressionism on steroids or something. I might have felt differently about it before I started having vision problems, but I find myself becoming less and less appreciative of abstracts, impressionism and surrealism. I’m a bit sad about it. Dali and the like have always been a particular favorite. I think the first painter whose work I purposely sought out as a child was Escher. Not that I’m complaining about the selection at all. I love the diversity of artists you showcase! Just felt like sharing the observation. Makes me sad, really. Xx

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    1. Hi Michelle! I always enjoy hearing your perspective. It’s so true. Visual distortion on my bad days make me appreciate impressionism less, though on most days I find joy in them. I just read your lovely poem, Joie de Vivre, and I am looking forward to more. Your haircut looks fabulous, by the way! ❤️😎


      1. Aww, thanks so much for checking out my poetry and your lovely compliment, of course! It’s been amazing to get back to work on my creative career. I’m glad I commented. I feel a little less alone knowing we share the issue. At least on the better days the world still appears clear. I hope you’re enjoying some good days, lately. Xx


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