Mary Chapin Carpenter: Between Here And Gone

Henri Lebasque, (1865-1937), FEMME À LA GUITARE (NONO),1920, signed Lebasque (towards lower right), oil on canvas, 50.2 by 65.2cm., 19¾ by 25⅝in., Source: Sotheby’s

Tonight, the moon came out, it was nearly full.
Way down here on earth, I could feel it’s pull.
The weight of gravity or just the lure of life,
Made me want to leave my only home tonight.

Now I’m just wonderin’ how we know where we belong.
Is it in a photograph, or a dashboard poet’s song?
Will I have missed my chance to right some ancient wrong,
Should I find myself between here and gone?

Now I could grab my keys, peel out in my truck,
With every saint on board bringing me their luck.
An’ I could drive too fast, like a midnight sleeve,
As if there was a way to outrun the grief.

Now I’m just wonderin’ how we know where we belong.
In a song that’s left behind in the dream I couldn’t wake from.
Could I have felt the brush of a soul that’s passing on,
Somewhere in between here and gone?

Up above me,
Wayward angels,
A blur of wings and grace.
One for courage,
One for safety,
One for “just in case”.

I thought a light went out, but now the candle shines.
I thought my tears wouldn’t stop, then I dried my eyes.
And after all of this, the truth that holds me here,
Is that this emptiness is something not to fear.

Yeah, I’ll keep wondering how we know where we belong,
After all the journeys made, and the journeys yet to come.
When I feel like giving up instead of going on,
Somewhere in between.

Yeah, I’m just wondering how we know where we belong.
Is it in the arc of the moon, leaving shadows on the lawn?
In the path of fireflies and a single bird at dawn,
Singing in between here and gone.


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  1. blindzanygirl says:



  2. Hélène Vaillant says:

    Beautiful song and meaningful words. Femme A La Guitare is very colourful as well as reflective.

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    1. Mary Chapin Carpenter is a singer/songwriter I have grown to love. She is a poet at heart. ❤️ Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment, Hélène. 😊

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      1. Hélène - Willow Poetry says:

        Your postings are beautiful and a pleasure to read.🙂

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      2. I truly appreciate your kind words, Hélène. I feel the same about your poetry. ❤️

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  3. I never knew who Mary Chapn Carpenter was. I watched the video and enjoyed it. She has a powerful voice and plays the guitar well. I often play my guitar and sing for my own pleasure.

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    1. I didn’t know you could sing and play guitar, Ally! 😎 What is your favorite music for playing? Mary Chapin Carpenter is new to me, also – a poet and story teller with such a unique voice. Thanks for visiting, Ally! ❤️

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      1. I enjoy a variety of music. My favourites would be John Denver, The Carpenters, Abba, Seekers. I enjoy country music, most of the songs have been written about life experiences . Music is so good for the soul especially singing. I hope to join a choir this year. 🙂

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      2. I remember John Denver and the Carpenters(You’ve Got a Friend) — and Abba. Such memories! I hope you will keep us informed about your choir. You are right, Ally – Music IS good for the soul. ❤️😎

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  4. rothpoetry says:

    Beautiful art work, lyrics, and music.

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      1. rothpoetry says:

        You are welcome!

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