A God Who Allows Suffering by Anna Waldherr

“Christ Crucified” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (c. 1655), Basilica of Escorial, Madrid, Spain (CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication)

As we enter Spring and finally begin to turn the corner in the fight against coronavirus, it is only fitting that we acknowledge the suffering this pandemic caused.

During the 25 years I practiced law, I witnessed a great deal of suffering.  It took many forms:  brain damage; paraplegia; rape; child molestation; death by cancer, by explosion, by decapitation, by fire, by scaffolding collapse, by head-on collision; loss of an eye, of an arm, of a leg, of a child.

Some of the most heart wrenching cases for me were the ones involving poverty issues – eviction, foreclosure, consumer fraud, unsafe housing, denial of public benefits.

Those issues meant fathers unable to keep a roof over their children’s heads; mothers driving themselves to exhaustion, in an effort to put food on the table; children already deprived of hope; lives destroyed by drugs and despair.  The working poor, running hard just to stay in place.

How can a good and loving God allow such suffering?

RBC Ministries answers the question this way [1]:

Continue at A Lawyer’s Prayers by Anna Waldherr.

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