Sigmund Walter Hampel: Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter, Ulrike Hampel (1908)

Screenshot_2018-12-19 2016_CKS_12228_0024_000(sigmund_walter_hampel_portrait_of_the_artists_daughter_ulrike_hampel_a) jpg ([...]
Sigmund Walter Hampel (Austrian, 1867-1949), Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter, Ulrike Hampel, aged 4, (c.1908), signed with initials ‘S.W.H.’ (lower right), oil on panel, 24 ¼ x 22 in. (61.5 x 55.9 cm.), Source: Christie’s, Link:

Who Is Sigmund Walter Hampel?

Sigmund Walter Hampel was born in Vienna on July 17, 1867. Son of a glass painter, in his father’s workshop Hampel learned about design, material and technique. Studying the old masters at the Vienna Academy of Art, the artist quickly acquired a delicate colouring and improved his technical skills. From 1900 to 1911, he was a member of the Hagenbund, an artists’ association in Vienna.   Christie’s

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  1. Dora says:

    What a lovely (and recognizable) quality of expression he captures! Reminds me of my eldest at that age. Charming portrait.

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    1. lol…and it reminds me of my youngest, so I love it, too! Thanks for commenting, Dora. 🙂

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