Victoria Emily Jones: Art and Theology, Advent Day 6

Don’t miss the story of this painting by Bryn Gillette! 🙂


Bryn Gillette (American, 1980–), Cathedral, 2010–11, from the Beyond the Ruins series. Oil and glass shards on wooden door, 80 × 32 in. (203.2 × 81.3 cm). [available as a giclée print]

Lament and hope are key elements of Gillette’s Beyond the Ruins series as a whole, as he elaborates:

During the years I worked on these images, the painting process distilled countless hours of conversation, travel, prayer, heartache, and hope into color and form. These door-size portals are our declarations of hope, our inner groaning for justice made visible, a plea for God’s Spirit to renew Haiti’s destiny. . . . It is my hope that this work be a catalyst for Kingdom scale conversations, dreams, prayers, relationships, and initiatives.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this amazing work of art and the artist to our attention! A powerful story of moving forward following immense loss.

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    1. I thought of you when I found it, Rosaliene. 🙂

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