“Bergell Mountains” and Mignarda’s “Bist du bei mir”

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Bist du bei mir (Are You With Me?)

  • Formerly attributed to J. S. Bach, the popular air is now firmly attributed to Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel, from his opera Diomedes, oder die triumphierende Unschuld, which is known to have been performed in Bayreuth on November 16, 1718.
  • Recorded live at Immaculate Conception Church, Cleveland, OH by Duo Mignarda, Donna Stewart & Ron Andrico, June 2016. Arrangement for voice and lute ©2002 Ron Andrico Mignarda Editions

Text and Translation

Bist du bei mir, geh ich mit

Freuden zum Sterben und zu meiner Ruh.

Ach, wie vergnügt wär so mein Ende,

es drückten deine schönen Hände

mir die getreuen Augen zu.

If you are with me, then I will go gladly

to death and to my rest.

Ah, what a delightful end for me,

if your lovely hands close my faithful eyes.

Clara Porges (Swiss, 1879-1963), Bergell Mountains. Oil on canvas, 106.5 × 131.5 cm., Source: Thunderstruck

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  1. Wonderful painting and ! Thanks for sharing – I did not know this wonderful piece of music.

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    1. My pleasure, Zettl. Thank you for visiting. 🙂


  2. cindy knoke says:

    Beautiful images, words and music!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Cindy! BTW, I have added a Resources page here and included your website. What a treasure! 🙂


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