Christina Rossetti: Holy Innocents

Holy Innocents

by Christina Rossetti

Sleep, little Baby, sleep;
The holy Angels love thee,
And guard thy bed, and keep
A blessed watch above thee.
No spirit can come near
Nor evil beast to harm thee:
Sleep, Sweet, devoid of fear
Where nothing need alarm thee.

The Love which doth not sleep,
The eternal Arms surround thee:
The Shepherd of the sheep
In perfect love hath found thee.
Sleep through the holy night,
Christ-kept from snare and sorrow,
Until thou wake to light
And love and warmth to-morrow.
Isobel Lilian Gloag, R.O.I., N.W.S. (1865-1917), Four corners to my bed, signed and inscribed, oil on canvas, 54 ¼ x 54 ½ in. (137.8 x 138.5 cm.), Source: Christie’s, (detail)

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Sister Renee at Lavish Mercy introduced me to this poem in her post ‘Holy Innocents’

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Isobel Lilian Gloag: Four Corners to my Bed… At Sunnyside

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  1. what an eternal love depicted in the poem! love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree – thanks for sharing your thoughts, Northern Elm. 🙂


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