Lesser Ury: Grunewaldsee, Berlin (1893)

Lesser Ury, (1861 – 1931), GRUNEWALDSEE, BERLIN, signed L. Ury. and dated 93 (lower right) oil on canvas, 100 by 70.2cm., 39 3/8 by 27 5/8 in., Painted in 1893, source: Sotheby’s

Lesser Ury was a German Impressionist painter, based in Berlin…His works reveal the artist’s fascination with the ever changing quality of light and its many effects. Accordingly, Ury is well known for his depictions of… the beautiful Brandenburg countryside often set in spectacular lighting conditions.


Grunewaldsee, Berlin was painted in 1893 at a time when Ury sought respite from the business of the capital and instead focused on landscape painting. At the time the Grunewaldsee was a recurring motif.


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  1. Tanya says:

    Thanks for introducing me to the painter, I’ve not heard about him before. It’s interesting to note his fascination with effects of changing light, I vouch capturing it wouldn’t be easy. The attention to details is amazing!

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    1. My pleasure! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tanya. 🙂

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      1. Tanya says:

        My pleasure 😇

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