James Tissot: Chrysanthemums

James Tissot, Chrysanthemums, c. 1874–76, Oil on canvas. Acquired in honor of David S. Brooke (Institute Director, 1977–94), 1994. The Clark Art Institute, , Image Source: wikimedia

The woman in Chrysanthemums is almost overwhelmed by the brilliant blooms surrounding her. She has rolled up her sleeves to adjust a pot, her blurred features suggesting we have caught a glimpse of her in motion. Tissot staged this scene in the conservatory attached to his studio, a glass panel of which is visible in the picture’s top left corner. Conservatories were associated with the “cultivation” of proper Victorian women as well as with nurturing plants, associations that add nuance to this scene of intimate domesticity.

Clark Institute

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  1. Jim Wingrove says:

    beautiful, thanks 😊

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      1. Jim Wingrove says:

        welcome, always great pictures

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  2. A very beautiful painting.

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  3. GOD!!! This is insanely beautiful on soooo many levels!!! Sigh. Thank You and Cheers!!! 🤗💖😊

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    1. Thanks for visiting, forresting! 😎❤️

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      1. My absolute pleasure! 🤗💖😊

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  4. Hello there, I am so happy to see that you are still busy at things and posting beautiful beautiful blogs on art.
    Can you remind me how you go about doing the details of the paintings? I am working on something for Passion Week and would like to be able to do details of Christ on the Cross. Thank you!

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