Kupka and Durante

František Kupka, (1871, Autriche-Hongrie – 1957, France), Etude pour Ordonnance sur verticales, [1911 – 1913], Pastel sur papier gris, 48 x 50 cmImage, Source: Centre Pompidou
Composer: Francesco Durante Artists: Ensemble Imaginaire, Cristina Corrieri (conductor)

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  1. shoreacres says:

    The Kupka painting brought to mind the buildings of Manhattan: abstracted to the nth degree, of course.

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    1. Great suggestion! Thanks for sharing, shoreacres. 🙂


    2. I had never seen Kupka’s work which is just beautiful. Thank you.

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  2. My first association with the name Durante will always be the 20th-century American comedian Jimmy Durante, who was still popular when I was a child.

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