Renoir: Portrait of Madame Renoir (1874)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Portrait of Madame Monet (Madame Claude Monet Reading), c. 1874, Oil on canvas. The Clark Art Institute,Image Source: The Clark

“During the early 1870s, Renoir and Monet often painted side by side, producing images of the same subject and sometimes using each other—and other family members—as models. In Renoir’s informal portrait of Camille Monet, the painter’s wife sits on a comfortable sofa reading a paperback book. Small touches of color cover the canvas like stitches in a tapestry. A blue line runs down the middle of Mme Monet’s dress, echoing the angle of the Japanese fans on the wall.”

The Clark

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  1. I don’t recall ever seeing this one by Renoir. Thanks.

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  2. Striking composition. And colours. And mood…..

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    1. Entirely pleasing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Zettl. 🙂

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  3. shoreacres says:

    I have a friend who used this painting as the header for her book review blog.

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  4. The book’s covers are painted the same blue that’s prominent in the dress.

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    1. I wonder if he chose that blue for the book to emphasize that lovely line from the floor pillow to the fan on the wall….(?) Now that you pointed it out I can’t imagine it being any other color. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steve. 🙂


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