Pierre Mignard, picture of childhood

by L’Art en Tête

Pierre Mignard, Louise-Marie-Anne de Bourbon, knows as mademoiselle de Tours, 1681-82,Oil on canvas, 132×96 cm, Versailles, château

“…What stands out in this portrait of a child is the slightly sad face, which looks at the viewer with a slightly melancholic air.

In fact, the portrait was painted in 1681 or 1682, just after the death of Mademoiselle de Tours. It is therefore a posthumous portrait. The various details in the painting are indications of this.

The watch on the table is a classic symbol of the passage of time. The soap bubble evokes the fragility of life, ready to burst at any moment…”

L’Art en Tête
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  1. When I see pictures like this, I feel a strong urge to delve into the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna again. How fulfilling was every visit there and yet I visit it so seldom.

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    1. It must be a magnificent place – treat yourself again! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Zettl. 🙂

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      1. It definitely is. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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      2. You have a lovely weekend, too, Zettl! 😎


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