Debussy’s Clair de Lune II

Alexander Merrie Hardie (1910–1989), Clair de Lune, 1970, oil on canvas, Royal West of England Academy (RWA), Image Source: ArtUK

Clair de Lune

Your soul is a chosen landscape
On which masks and Bergamasques cast enchantment as they go,
Playing the lute, and dancing, and all but
Sad beneath their fantasy-disguises.

Singing all the while, in the minor mode,
Of all-conquering love and life so kind to them
They do not seem to believe in their good fortune,
And their song mingles with the moonlight,
 With the calm moonlight, sad and lovely,
 Which makes the birds dream in the trees,
 And the plumes of the fountains weep in ecstasy,
 The tall, slender plumes of the fountains among the marble sculptures. 


“Clair de lune” (French for “Moonlight”) is a poem written by French poet Paul Verlaine in 1869. It is the inspiration for the third and most famous movement of Claude Debussy’s 1890 Suite bergamasque. Debussy also made two settings of the poem for voice and piano accompaniment.

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Lang Lang wowed tourists in the ‘City of Love’ on Valentine’s Day 2019 as he gave a unique album launch concert in Paris on a boat cruising along the Seine, performing pieces from his new album, Piano Book, such as the French classic ‘Clair de lune’ by Claude Debussy.

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Alexander Merrie Hardie at ArtUK

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  1. I love the post. I used to play classical piano and studied at both Southern Illinois University as well as DePaul School of Music in Chicago. I only studied for two years at the university level, as life took me in other directions. I have never lost my love of the classics, though. This was a piece that I played regularly as a teen and hearing it always makes me think back to that chapter in my life. Thank you so much. 🙂

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    1. My pleasure, Sheila! Thanks for sharing your memories. 🙂


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  3. Happy Sunday, Sunnyside!!! Thank You for all of this! SOOO beautiful! 💕

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    1. My pleasure, Katy! Have a wonderful evening. 🙂❤️

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      1. Thanks! You too!!! 🤗

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  4. Beautiful. I love Clair de lune.

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