Gari Melchers: Sunday Mass

Gari Melchers (American,1860-1932), Sunday Mass, signed l.r., oil on canvas, 120,5 by 97 cm., Image Source: wikimedia

“In the present lot the influence of the Hague School has disappeared. Instead the fresh green, red and purple colours show impressionistic influences. The painting shows the interior of a church, possibly the Reformed Church of Egmond-Binnen. The attention given by Melchers to depicting the different figures demonstrates Melchers’ qualities as a storyteller. Not only their faces, but also their poses are carefully depicted. Their traditional Dutch clothes, of which Melchers owned a large collection from all over Holland, are also shown to the smallest detail. In this painting he combined the regional Veluwe cap with a North Holland dress on the center figure and placed a worshipper in typical Egmond headdress next to her. Like the famous Dutch flower painters who mixed winter, spring and summer blossoms in one picture, Melchers asssembled costumes from various provinces for greater pictorial effect.”


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Happy Sunday! 🙂


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  1. This color palette is one of my favorites. That silvery, minty green with lighter purple tones is always so soothing. Although the looks on their faces seem far from calm somehow. I wonder what they are being lectured about? They all look quite anxious to me. Thank you for the thoughtful artwork. 🙂 I hope you have a great day!

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    1. I love that minty green with shades of lavender, too. As for the espressions – a great example of ‘rapt’ attention! lol Thanks for adding to the conversation, Sheila. 😎❤️

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  2. WOW, what incredible detail in this oil painting! 🤗🎨😎 Love the combined influences that makes this piece so spectacular! 🥰💖😘

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    1. I am happy you enjoy this, Kym. Thanks for adding to the conversation! 😎❤️

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      1. Oh my pleasure. I simply love it when you stop and take in all of the componentry and detail of a beautiful painting. Have a great week! 🤗🥂😍💐🥰

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      2. You have a wonderful week, also, Kym! 😎❤️

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      3. Thanks so much! 🤗🥂🥰

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  3. His use of color is beautiful.

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    1. I love these colors, too. Thanks for adding to the conversation, Kelly. 🙂


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