Marianne Stokes: Young Girl With a Spinning Wheel

Marianne (Preindlsberger) Stokes (Austrian, 1855-1927), Young girl with a spinning wheel, signed ‘Marianne Stokes’ (lower left), oil on canvas, 44.5 x 34cm (17 1/2 x 13 3/8in), Image Source: Bonhams

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Marianne Stokes at Christie’s

Marianne Stokes at wikiart

Marianne Stokes at Tate UK

Marianne Stokes at Sotheby’s

Marianne Stokes at Bonhams

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Marianne Stokes at Wikiwand

Marianne Stokes at Artcyclopedia (museum links)

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  1. sienablue says:

    Hmmm, the look on her face: she realizes that a lifetime of spinning and weaving and sewing awaits her. As we view it in the era of fast fashion, perhaps we can ponder ways to change our relationship to our clothing.

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    1. Her expression is haunting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts this morning, sienablue.

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      1. My heart went out to her, too. And yes, her expression really is haunting…

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      2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Patti. ❤️🙏

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      3. Ana Daksina says:

        It is haunting, and her eyes are so intense.

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      4. I looked again and consoled myself with the idea that maybe she just has a fever (see those flushed cheeks and glassy eyes ?) which her loving mother notices immediately and brings her rice pudding in her little bed… Yes, I do dream….🌺


      5. Ana Daksina says:

        Or the fire could have been just built up ~ they’d go from a little too hot to a little too cold without constant tending… The kid should still get rice pudding in a little bowl in bed, though. Without a doubt.

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      6. Well now I do feel better feeling the warmth of that fire. She’ll be fine. 🙂🌺


  2. The lighting is quite interesting in this painting. As is her expression. She almost looks startled. I can’t tell. It definitely makes one think about it a bit . . .

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    1. I wonder if the dark background with only a hint of light (window well above the child’s head?) was meant to suggest the child is a prisoner of sorts, whether to poverty or her general social situation. I don’t know…an unhappy child always invites deeper thought and questions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sheila. 🌺

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  3. WOW, this picture speaks volumes. It says so much about where she is right then and what this leads to, for her life down the road. Thanks for sharing this memory of Marianne Stokes. 🤗🙏🏼😊

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    1. I love portraits that suggest a deeper story. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Kym. 🙂🌺

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      1. I understand what you mean. Somehow you see something more than just the superficial portrait. A lot can speak to you if you observe the flow of the strokes passionately. 🎨✨🤗

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      2. Ana Daksina says:

        Oh, you do know how to find ’em, all right… 👌✨

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  4. I love this painting….thank you:)

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    1. My pleasure, always, Janet. 🙂🌺

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  5. A powerful portrait by Marianne Stokes that captures, in an expression, the world of a child worker. What hardships and horrors have this girl already experienced in life?

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    1. I am trying to come up with alternate stories, but I do fear the worst….

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