Hermenegildo Anglada-Camarasa: La Gata Rosa (c.1908)

La Gata Rosa corresponds to this period of large-scale works, having being painted in the usual size for large exhibitions and salons of the time. Here the painter shows us one of his favourite themes in this second Parisian period (1904 – 1914): the female portrait. In this case it is Georgette Leroy, wife of…

Pools – A Poem by Joe Barca — Vita Brevis

Pools Submitted by Joe Barca   I am but water. The puddle of last night’s shower. I live for an hour or two. Until the sunshine absorbs me. I am the ocean for children in Wellington boots. For earthworms. And for the descent of errant swallows. I am pavement’s liquid memory. I……… Continue via Pools…

Santiago Rusiñol: Sitges Interior (c1894)

Sitges Interior, Santiago Rusiñol, c1894 Click for enlarged image:   Details Title: Sitges Interior Creator: Santiago Rusiñol Date Created: Around 1894 External Link: Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya Medium: Oil on canvas   Image credit: Google Arts and Culture

Santiago Rusiñol i Prats: The Girl with Carnation

The girl with carnation (Teresa Mirabent Planas) Santiago Rusiñol 1893 From the collection of Cau Ferrat Museum “From the beginning the light of Sitges dazzled Rusinol’s retina, just like before it blinded Arcadi Mas I Fondevila, Joan Roig I Soler and the rest of the Luminist School painters. That’s why one of the topics that…

Santiago Rusiñol: Poblet Monastery

Click for enlarged image:   Poblet Monastery   – Santiago Rusiñol i Prats Catalan, 1861-1931 Oil on canvas, 80 x 64cm. Original image Via huariqueje

Santiago Rusiñol: A Romance (1894)

Details Title: A Romance Creator: Santiago Rusiñol Date Created: Paris, 1894 Location Created: Paris External Link: Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya Medium: Oil on canvas   Click for enlarged image:   Image from Google Arts and Culture

Rafael Durancamps Folguera: “Sardanes”

Rafael Durancamps Folguera: “Sardanes” (Catalan 1891-1979) DURANCAMPS I FOLGUERA, Rafael (Sabadell, 1891 – Barcelona, ​​1979). “Sardanes”, Cadaqués. Oil on canvas. With sketch on the back. Signed in the lower left corner. Measures: 59 x 74 cm; 79 x 95 cm (frame). In this work, Durancamps offers us a beautiful festive image, typically Catalan, both for…