Rafael Durancamps Folguera: “Sardanes”

Rafael Durancamps Folguera: “Sardanes” (Catalan 1891-1979)

Rafael Durancamps Folguera: “Sardanes” (Catalan 1891-1979)

DURANCAMPS I FOLGUERA, Rafael (Sabadell, 1891 – Barcelona, ​​1979).

“Sardanes”, Cadaqués.
Oil on canvas. With sketch on the back.
Signed in the lower left corner.
Measures: 59 x 74 cm; 79 x 95 cm (frame).

In this work, Durancamps offers us a beautiful festive image, typically Catalan, both for the dance represented – a sardana – and for the landscape , the steep coast of the town of Cadaqués, on the Costa Brava. The composition is broad, marked by a somewhat elevated point of view that allows a broad development of the landscape in depth. However, the absolute protagonists are the characters that dance in the foreground, holding hands. First of all, in front of them, we see a dog that barks, with the body in tension, a detail that reinforces the narrative character of the scene. Further on we see a group of people sitting on the floor, watching the dancers, and a second group of dancers.

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Sardanes,  Cadaqués.   –

Rafael Durancamps Folguera

Catalan, 1891-1979

Oil on canvas, 59 x 74 cm; 79 x 95 cm

I first found this painting on tumblr via huariqueje

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