John Duncan Fergusson: On the Road to the Isles (1928)

Click For Enlarged Detail: Details John Duncan Fergusson (1874-1961) On the Road to the Isles signed and dated ‘J.D. FERGUSSON./1928’ (on the reverse), signed again and inscribed ‘THE ROAD TO THE ISLES,/J.D. FERGUSSON’ (on the artist’s label attached to the stretcher) oil on canvas 22 x 24 in. (55.9 x 61 cm.) Source: Christie’s Link:…

Alfred James Munnings: Gorse on Ringland Hills

Landscape painting was Sir Alfred Munnings’s first love, and the artist would return to depicting the landscape of his native East Anglia throughout his career, emulating his great predecessor John Constable. In 1910-11 Munnings explored the Ringland Hills near Norwich with the gypsy boy Shrimp, a caravan and a string of ponies. ‘The gorse was…

Matthijs Maris: Brook in the Woods near Oosterbeek (c.1860)

Read More Wikipedia contributors, “Matthijs Maris,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed January 13, 2019). Sources Rijksmuseum Amsterdam online catalogue Wikimedia Commons contributors, “File:Beek in het bos bij Oosterbeek Rijksmuseum SK-A-2275.jpeg,” Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, (accessed January 13, 2019). Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Pieter Bruegel and the First Modern Landscape (1565)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art calls this painting a “watershed in the history of Western art”[1] and the “first modern landscape”.[6]. Because of the new humanist lens through which Pieter Bruegel the Elder viewed his world, landscape painting was no longer limited to backgrounds for mythological or religious illustrations.

Henry Moret: Grosse mer (1913)

Who Is Henry Moret? Henry Moret (1856 – 1913) was a French Impressionist painter best known for his association with Paul Gauguin and the artist colony at Pont-Aven in Brittany and for his richly colored landscapes of coastal Brittany. After his beginning as a more classical painter, Moret’s style developed under the influence of Gauguin…

Sir Alfred James Munnings: Idle Moments or The Boathouse (1906)

Munning’s Earliest Boating Theme According to Christie’s, Idle Moments; or The Boathouse (1906) “is the earliest boating theme, foreshadowing [Sir Alfred James Munnings’] series of ladies in canoes painted in the 1930’s and 40’s.”  The description continues: This scene is the boathouse at Mendham … The lady in the back reclines and contentedly settles in…

Nikolai Tarkhov: Les Bretonnes

Nikolai Tarkhov – The ‘Moscow Parisian’ According to Sotheby’s, Brittany’s rich heritage and traditional ways of life inspired many of Paris’ best-known artists, from Corot to Monet, Gauguin and Matisse. The advance of Impressionism, in particular, resulted in a surge of interest among artists eager to paint en plein air within reach of the French capital….

Anna Boch: Woman in Landscape (1890)

Happy birthday, dear one! You will always be a part of every lovely landscape.   Happy birthday, dear one!   You will always be a part of every lovely landscape.   Woman in Landscape – Anna Boch, 1890 Belgian, 1848-1936 Oil on canvas, Source: huariqueje