Asher B. Durand: Kindred Spirits (1849)

Asher Brown Durand (American, 1796-1886), Kindred Spirits, Painted in 1849, 117 x 92 cms | 46 x 36 ins, Oil on canvas, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Image Source: Steven Zucker

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“Kindred Spirits” at wikiwand

Asher B. Durand at wikiwand

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This work at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

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Dr. Mindy Besaw, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Dr. Steven Zucker, “Asher B. Durand, Kindred Spirits,” in Smarthistory, November 3, 2022, accessed January 30, 2023,

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  1. pirkkotervo says:

    Stunning post

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  2. shoreacres says:

    If you ever get a chance to visit Crystal Bridges, it’s well worth it. This painting wasn’t on display when I was there, but the collection as a whole was remarkable.

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Linda. I would love to see this collection! 🙂🌺

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      1. This was a favorite painting of my father’s. I’m among the relatively few people who’ve seen it in the New York Public Library and also at Crystal Bridges.

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      2. What a special association! Thanks for sharing your memory, Steve. You are so fortunate to have seen this painting twice! 🙂


  3. The depth in this painting is amazing. I didn’t get to watch the video yet, but I will later on. It is awesome! Thank you!

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    1. My pleasure, Sheila! Yes – a master study in perspective, for sure. I get lost in this painting trying to take in all the details. The video shows some great magnified shots. I’m so glad you enjoyed this. 😎🌺

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      1. Yes! Seeing all the close-ups of the details made it even more amazing!

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  4. gabychops says:

    I cannot thank you enough for the introduction to the extraordinarily talented painter, Asher Brown Durant.

    His painting is one of the most beautiful, symbolic paintings that I have seen, and I love it! I looked at his other paintings and all are special. I love the quotes and literary connections. Thank you!


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    1. You have made my day with your kind comments, Joanna. I am so pleased you enjoyed this! 😎🌺


      1. gabychops says:

        You are more than welcome!


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  5. Bridgette says:

    There are a lot of paintings at our local art museum in this style and I always stop to admire them for a long time. The boldness of the colors and the attention to details always fascinates me. In this one, I’m drawn to the moss on the logs and stone—it’s so beautiful!

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    1. I’m so pleased you enjoy this, Bridgette. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. 🙂🌺

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  6. sienablue says:

    I love this one. I wonder what they were saying on that cliff with such a vista.

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    1. My sentiments, exactly, Patti! 😎❤️🌼

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  7. cmartzloff says:

    So lovely and what a rich palette of colors. I just love it!

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    1. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts, Catherine. I always look forward to your posts and absolutely love your paintings and your unique stye. Someday when I stop traveling, I plan to buy a favorite to hang in my future kitchen! 😎🌺


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