Maria Berrio: The Lovers 4 (2016)

María Berrío (b. 1982), The Lovers 4, signed Maria Berrio and dated 2016 (on the reverse), watercolor and Japanese paper collage on canvas, 72 by 72 in., 182.9 by 182.9 cm., Executed in 2016, Image Source: Sotheby’s

“…Rooted in childhood memories of Colombia and the artist’s experience of migration, as well as a fascination with the relationship between humans and their environment, The Lovers 4 is charged with a history that is as personal as it is universal, and as timely as it is timeless. Executed in Berrio’s idiosyncratic paper collage style, The Lovers 4 is a lush, delicate and intimately conceptualized and crafted portrait of power and of unity…Though illustrative of a distinctly contemporary magical realism, The Lovers 4 embodies many influences, from the Surrealism of Remedios Varos and Frida Kahlo to Viennese Successionist works by the likes of Gustav Klimt and the contemporary contributions of Kiki Smith and Toyin Ojih Odutola. These artists sit alongside South American writers and oral histories in Berrio’s trove of artistic inspiration. Visually weaving together multiple histories, The Lovers 4 revitalizes its source material through the form of a shamanic young woman and her bird, who together exquisitely encapsulate triumph, freedom and transcendence.”


Hat Tip

Many thanks to Deborah J. Brasket for introducing me to this artist in the post Maria Berrio and the Art of Myth-Making

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  1. Ashley says:

    I love this! Thank you 🙋‍♂️

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    1. My pleasure, always, Ashley. 😎🌺

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  2. Michele Lee says:

    The detail is superb! Thanks for sharing.

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