How to Draw Birds: Draw Realistic Animals

Red-Breasted Nuthatch (graphite and acrylic, 12×9) by David Kitler


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Nuthatch I by David Kitler

Nuthatch I by David Kitler

Wherever you live, you likely don?t live alone. Not when you consider the birds in your backyard or the pigeons on the sidewalk or seagulls cawing at you if you live along the coast. Birds are a constant companion for many of us and yet we can forget to explore them in our art. Take birds as your subject matter and you discover the fun of color and texture ? and attitude!

Here David Kitler shows us how to draw a bird with a ton of attitude in just ten steps. And when you are done with that, you?ll be ready to add luscious paint, which is where the Essentials of Painting Birds comes in. You?ll learn how to create beautiful paintings of realistic birds in impressionist natural settings that are full of color and void of complications. It?ll be easy and it?ll be fun…

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