David Kitler and Messages Mothers Give Children


God is an amazing designer.

The closer you look, the more there is to see…

quote from David Kitler

I have a large collection of vintage nature prints on my computer and a smaller collection of originals on my walls — most are by artists long passed away, but remembered for their amazing work. Finding living nature artists is always a treat.

Canadian David Kitler is one such living nature artist with both talent and a compelling story.

David received support and encouragement from his mother, who sometimes allowed him to stay up late on school nights so he could finish a drawing. David still vividly remembers one of the last things his mother ever said to him:


“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are not an artist.”


Despite the tragic loss of his mother when he was 17, David overcame every obstacle to eventually show the world that his mother was right.

I would like to honor David Kitler’s mother, and other mothers, who affirm the natural gifts and talents of their children and teach them not to let the world define them. This brave message is one we all need to hear — and speak.  Often.

So remember your mother May 13 — on Mother’s Day — as I remember my own mother, who always loved the birds in her backyard AND who always told me I can.

“Scrub Jay”, Original Acrylic on Baltic Birch by David Kitler found at David Kitler Gallery
“Nuthatch II”, Original Acrylic on Baltic Birch by David Kitler


Wildlife Artist David Kitler website accessed May 3, 2018


See also: How to Draw Birds: Draw Realistic Animals

Featured image credit:

“Red-Lored Parrot”, Original Acrylic on Baltic Birch, by David Kitler at David Kitler Gallery


I first learned of David Kitler by reading:

via How to Draw Birds: Draw Realistic Animals — Max Mallie’s Blog



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