Augusto Giacometti: Flower Pot With Cattleya (1923)

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Augusto Giacometti, (1877-1947), FLOWER POT WITH CATTLEYA, 1923, Monogrammed lower left; inscribed on the reverse signed and dated, Oil on gold foil, 54.5 x 34.5 cm, Source: Sotheby’s, Link:

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  1. Beautiful! Happy 2019!

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    1. Happy New Year’s Eve!! 🥂❤️😎


  2. pirkkotervo says:


    Have a Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you, pirkkotervo – A Happy New Year to you, also! 😊

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  3. Laleh Chini says:

    Happy new year dear.<3

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  4. ellem63 says:

    I’ve seen so much wonderful art and so many different techniques since I started following your page. This post is glorious! All the best to your and yours for the New Year. 😀

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    1. You are so kind, ellem. ❤️ This is my ‘happy place’, and being able to share it with people like you is a privilege. Thank you, and Happy New Year to you and your family! 🙏😎

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  5. Sunnyside, the full image is missing on my screen.

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    1. Thanks, Rosaliene! Let me know if that fixed it. 🙏


      1. Thanks, Sunnyside. I see the painting clearly now in all its glory. Simple yet vibrant.

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      2. Great! Thank you for letting me know of the problem. 🙂

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