Erased – a poem

At last, I see
Your Truth -
That “Secret Heart”
You blame. Is it
Adultery -
Predator or Prey?
Bathed in shame,
I choke back tears -
Does “ballerina"
Have a name?

At last, I see
That marriage is
Another promise
Each day
For me another
Tortured trial:
Beliefs (I thought)
We shared, once sacred,
Now - not only broken -
But belittled,

At last, I see
As wanting, waiting
Words not spoken
Leave me breathless,
Warped and wasted
Like the prey
You target,

At last, I see
Behind your mask
Of ‘calm and caring'-
Blatant, bold,
But not concealing
You will
Track and target
Until my world
of smoke and mirrors…

I am erased.
At last, I'm free.


Image Credit: 
Hermenegildo Anglada-Camarasa: Sketch of Woman (1938)
Catalan,1871-1959, Crayon drawing on paper,34 x 24,3 cm.

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  1. simplywendi says:

    deeply tragic…….but beautifully written. It is SO good to see you again!

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  2. So glad to hear from you again! Your poem brings to mind the dissolution of my own marriage some thirty years ago.

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    1. Not happy musings, but there is certainly value in the expression…lol….So glad to hear from you, Rosaliene. I am sorry you can relate, though. 😦

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  3. Laleh Chini says:

    What a wonderful read.❤️

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      1. Laleh Chini says:

        My pleasure.🌷


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