Week 27: Joy, by Sunnyside

Hat Tip Inspired by Mieczysław Rakowski. Mère à l’enfant, 1942, found at Polish Art Corner. Happy Sunday! 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Week 25: Do Over, by Sunnyside

Well, I Had To Try Again Seeing the first Week 25 image bugged me every time I looked at my home page, so I tried again today with the goal of correcting the head tilt (which I lost last time). I also used larger sized charcoal paper so I could work on the face details….

Week 25: After Anna Bilinska, by Sunnyside

Oops! As usual, I did not have the right kind of paper or the time to tone with watercolor, so I used gray toned Strathmore drawing paper and toned with colored charcoal. Unfortunately, this paper was not a good choice because I could not push the charcoal around easily, which is all the fun. I…

Week 21: After Dorothea Lange, by Sunnyside

Practice Goals My initial goal in this exercise was to practice placing the four figures on the page. Beginning with a perfectly composed photo like this one made this much easier. That hand, however, was a bugger. I know nothing about drawing hands – and that shows! See Original Photo Dorothea Lange: Migrant Mother Dorothea…

Week 20: After Rubens, by Sunnyside

Hmmm…I need to try this one again — much to learn here. Since I did not have time to tone my paper with watercolor as he suggested, I tried using tinted charcoal on tan sketching paper for the background. I never could tell whether we were supposed to be using graphite or charcoal on the…

Week 19: After Ligozzi, by Sunnyside

Quick Sketchbook Exercise I am planning to try a charcoal drawing copying Christ’s face in Jacopo Ligozzi‘s Christ Carrying the Cross, so I practiced with a quick value sketch today using graphite. See full image At Sunnyside: Jacopo Ligozzi: Christ Carrying the Cross (1604) Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside

Week 18: She Sees, by Sunnyside

First Portrait In the last few weeks I have drawn an isolated eye, nose, mouth, and ear, but this is my first time trying a whole face. I did not finish, but I am satisfied with my earnest effort and am looking forward to working on a portrait drawing course next. Thanks for Visiting 🙂…

Week 17: Hit Refresh, by Sunnyside

This is a lesson on The Virtual Instructor paid site. I want to try again on different paper and experiment with using powdered graphite, which I did not have today. Lots to practice and learn when I repeat this one! Thanks for Visiting 🙂 ~Sunnyside