Week 21: After Dorothea Lange, by Sunnyside

After Dorothea Lange, by Sunnyside, charcoal on paper, May 14, 2022

Practice Goals

My initial goal in this exercise was to practice placing the four figures on the page. Beginning with a perfectly composed photo like this one made this much easier. That hand, however, was a bugger. I know nothing about drawing hands – and that shows!

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  1. We have to hand it to you for trying.

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  2. Jim W. says:


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    1. Thanks for visiting, Jim. ❤️🙂

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  3. dawnmacroart says:

    Great sketch, you have captured her expression.

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    1. Thank you, Dawn. I appreciate your encouragement! 🙂


  4. Well done! You’ve not only captured her gaunt face, but also her expression of uncertainty and fear for her predicament as a mother.

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    1. Thank you, Rosaliene. I would love to try a larger portrait with just her face. Her daughters kept saying in the video that she was a truly beautiful woman. One of her daughters looks so much like her mother – I can imagine what she might have looked like without the toil and fear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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