Week 31: Gnarled, by Sunnyside

Gnarled, by Sunnyside, charcoal on paper, October 4, 2022

This is a lesson from The Virtual Instructor’s new Charcoal Drawing Course.

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  1. stolzyblog says:

    Neat. Just curious Sunny, how long did that take?

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    1. I snatch minutes when I can, so I watch the lessons all the way through before I start. Actual time spent in total just on drawing was @ 2 hours.

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  2. Beautiful drawing!

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  3. Love this, Sunnyside 🙂 Keep it up.

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    1. I appreciate your encouragement, Susan 😎❤️

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  4. This is a very nice charcoal sketch.

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  5. johntodaro says:

    Lovely sketch 🍒

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