Week 2: Horse, by Sunnyside

Horse, by Sunnyside, November 25, 2021

What I Want to Practice:

  • Finding a starting place
  • Using correct proportion
  • Using contour lines for emphasis
  • Observing from photo, not instructor’s drawing
  • Experimenting with eraser for highlights
  • Knowing when to stop (exercise vs finished drawing)
Reference photo

My Plan

  • Watch video in full, then try to draw using only reference photo
  • Use only an HB pencil, charcoal pencil, vinyl eraser, kneaded eraser, and blender
  • Simplify background
  • After drawing, watch video again and see where I need more work
  • Try again later


  • Notice how cleverly I hid the hardest parts with grass and tail….lol. I am going to call this artistic license since the instructor did it, too. 🙂
  • I don’t quite understand how to find the right proportions, but I was able to get some of the angles correct by squinting with a pencil to approximate.
  • That neck is not quite right. (too thick?)
  • Where the neck meets the head could be fixed with shading. I see it now.
  • My shading needs work for smooth transitions, especially legs (compare to instructor)
  • I like the tail with the erased highlights, but I could not make this work on the mane.

What I Learned

  • Oh my goodness, that ear nearly defeated me.
  • I need to practice just horse heads before trying the whole horse.
  • Studying equine anatomy would be very helpful.
  • A white/gray horse on a white paper is tricky. Might try again with gray paper.
  • I studied John Singer Sargent’s contour lines as suggested.
  • I learned about interrupted contour lines.
  • I need a sharp-edged eraser for details.
  • Adjusting lines as the drawing progresses is normal. Yea!!!
  • Surprisingly, I love working with graphite and charcoal. I did not expect to enjoy anything without color.

Thanks for Visiting 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. chris ludke says:

    That’s a good drawing! I find horse proportions to be difficult because I’d use the head as a unit of measure for marking in the proportions but the head is so far away from the body. Blobbing in a general shape with charcoal then erasing the bad parts makes it a little easier than contour lines for me.

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    1. I am getting good at erasing those bad parts, for sure…lol. The video instructor did just what you describe, but added emphasis to a few contour lines when finishing up. What do you think of using a grid (for a beginner)? I thought about trying that but wondered if it would prevent me from learning what I need to learn. I appreciate your input, Chris. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. chris ludke says:

        Oh, ok. I didn’t watch the video because my teachers didn’t allow us to copy a photo. They only would allow a grid if we were enlarging our own drawing and didn’t want to start from scratch. The photo and grid will stop your progress according to those wise guys that taught me. I was worried my advise would seem like I was butting in because everyone does exactly what they want to do anyway, so, thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you! I appreciate all advice – and all opinions are welcome. 🙂

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